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Laurie Cottingham, aka Brightr, is not one to hold back his emotions. 2016’s debut full-length outing, ‘Year One’, rode on a wave of lyrical rawness, complimented by warm, stripped back acoustics. Following its release, Cottingham found himself in a good place yet when it came to writing new material, he felt pressured to deliver something on par.

Nevertheless, having been through a period of uncertainty, Laurie has now returned with the ‘Two Sides’ EP. It sees him serve up six offerings of “gloomy emo-pop”. Collectively, it’s an EP threaded together by Cottingham’s cathartic words.

From the outset, ‘New Years’ allows you into his mindset as he gives an account of a strained relationship. Complimented by delicate acoustic flickery, he sings with admittance; “I’m a curse, we’re breaking up” yet with sweeping keys, he’s considerate. It’s a comfortable and pleasing opening.


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Brightr - Two Sides CD

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