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Brightr and H_ngm_n have teamed up to make an incredible split EP, recorded during lockdown and celebrating a friendship years in the making. Featuring goosebump-inducing acoustic tracks from each artist as well as a cover of one another’s songs.


Brightr (Laurie) on the how the split came together:We’ve been talking about doing a split for a while, then lockdowncame and it seemed ideal for a bit of DIY creativity. It’s allcome together pretty quickly which has been brilliant. In my viewH_ngm_n are one of the most essential UK bands around at the moment,when they’re full strength (with James battering the skins) it’sincredible. However, solo, the songs take on an awesome differentforce altogether and having seen Chris do it on so many nightsI’ve felt for a while it needed to be recorded and out there forall to hear.




(Chris from) H_ngm_n on covering one of each other’s songs:

I’ve been trying to learn a bunch of Brightr songs throughout thelast few months (no chance I could learn the guitar parts!) butyeah, touring together loads, I know the songs really well and so itjust made sense. It’s really strange hearing someone else coveryour song, but when Laurie sent over his version of“Matchsticks” it was really humbling, and just kinda makes yougrateful for the good friends that can come out of playing musictogether. Well excited for people to hear both covers!


Brightr x h_ngm_n - Split EP

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