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If you'd like to record an acoustic session with us please get in touch with us at - NVR MNT Films is an Alternative Irish Film & Music Video Production Company

Step into the vibrant world of Never Meant Records as they curate a groundbreaking playlist, reminiscent of MTV's golden era, but with a distinct Irish twist. Embracing the rich tapestry of Ireland's alternative music scene, this playlist is a visual journey through the soul-stirring sounds of local talent. From the gritty streets of Dublin to the serene landscapes of the countryside, Never Meant Records brings forth a collection of music videos that encapsulate the essence of Irish alternative music.

Get ready to discover hidden gems and rising stars as the playlist unfolds, featuring artists who are pushing the boundaries of traditional genres. Each music video captures the raw energy and unique narratives that define Ireland's alternative music landscape. Our playlist showcases the diversity and creativity thriving in the local scene.

Never Meant Records' commitment to promoting homegrown talent is evident in every frame, providing a platform for artists to shine on the global stage. So, immerse yourself in the sights and sounds of Ireland's alternative music revolution, where every note tells a story and every beat resonates with the heartbeat of a nation. This playlist is more than just music; it's a visual celebration of the eclectic spirit that defines Irish alternative culture.

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Video Channel Name

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